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Providing a wide variety of websites for the Troy, Libby, Yaak and surrounding communities of Northwest Montana since 2004.

I appreciate my clients! 60% have been clients for up to 6 years and 40% up to 10 years! Definately proven service!

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Animals and Pets

Dogzilla Farm

Libby, Montana
Website: www.dogzillafarm.com
Your source for Purebred Irish Wolfhound puppies born and raised in Libby, Montana!
Valued Client Since: 10-06-07

Arts - Crafts

Made in NW Montana

Troy, Montana
Website: www.madeinnwmontana.com
The original Made in NW Montana website offering hand made craft and art items, and even some local Kindle books - all made locally in Northwest Montana, USA.
Special Website Since: 04-01-06

Montana Bucky Bears N' Stuff

Libby, Montana
Website: www.montanabuckybears.com
High quality, hand-sewn, one of a kind Teddy Bears made with genuine furs or hides. Original hand-drawn patterns by Penny Ray.
Valued Client Since: 01-01-2008

Terrel Jones LLC

Troy, Montana
Website: www.terreljones.com
Original paintings consisting of oils, pastels, watercolors, collage and mixed-media. Ranging in subject matters from flowers to landscapes and figures.
Valued Client Since: 08-06-12

Community and City Websites

City of Troy, Montana
Troy, Montana
Website: www.cityoftroymontana.com
Official website for the city of Troy, Montana. Featuring news and items of interest for the community. Council Meeting Minutes are posted along with monthly calendars and historical information about the city.
Valued Client Since: 09-01-06
The Yaak
Yaak, Montana
Website: www.theyaak.com
Featuring the community of Yaak, Montana, visitor information and businesses.
Special Website Since: 03-15-07

Church and School Websites

St. John Lutheran Church
Libby, Montana
Website: www.sjlc-libbymt.org
A small but dedicated church organization located in Libby, Montana.
Valued Client Since: 03-01-06
Troy Church of God
Troy, Montana
Website: www.troychurchofgod.org
A nondenominational church with an autonomous spiirtual base located in Troy, Montana.
Valued Client Since: 11-19-2012
Dennis ! that is nothing short of phenomenal !!!!! How you ever did that so fast I cannot imagine. VERY WELL DONE TOO !! thanks every so much !!! LOVE THE COLORING TOO, and the photo is just right. MUCH GRATITUDE..!!!!!!!!!!!!
Troy Church of God

Forest and River Organizations

Kootenai River Network, Inc.
Libby, Montana
Website: www.kootenairivernetwork.org
Valued Client Since: 12-13-11
Lincoln County Fire Safe Council
Libby, Montana
Website: www.lcfiresafe.org
Valued Client Since: 05-07-12
Whitefish Area Fire Safe Council
Whitefish, Montana
Website: www.wafsc.com
Information and Resources to Maintain a Fire Safe Environment in the Greater Whitefish Area
Valued Client Since: 04-20-10

Real Estate

Yaak Real Estate by Carolyn Bennett
Troy, Montana
Website: http://bennett.theyaak.com
Providing Real Estate services for Northwest Montana.
Valued Client Since: 04-19-08

Recreation - Lodging

Bighorn Lodge
Noxon, Montana
Website: www.bighornlodgemontana.com
Western style lodge located in the scenic Bull River Valley adjacent to the Cabinet Mountain Wilderness in Western Montana, outside the charming town of Noxon, Montana. Enjoy hiking, canoeing, horseback riding, and fishing out our back door!
Valued Client Since: 04-28-14
The website looks fabulous – thank you! Oh, we had some guests comment on the greatly improved web site – they are frequent guests! Then we had a couple here this weekend and they said they chose the Bighorn Lodge over another because our lodge looked so much nicer on our website!!
Karen and Dave Nye
Bighorn Lodge
Cool Creek Lodge
Yaak, Montana
Website: www.coolcreekproperties.com
An extremely fantastic, upscale complete lodge for rent in the Yaak, Montana area!
Valued Client Since: 09-25-08
Troy Snowmobile Club
Troy, Montana
Website: www.troysnowmobileclub.org
A non-profit organization to promote Snowmobile Activity in the Troy Area.
Valued Client Since: 04-24-06


Indian National Finals Rodeo

Browning, Montana
Website: infr.org
Annual Rodeo event in Las Vegas, Nevada. Providing, promoting and preserving the advancement of Professional Indian Rodeo by empowering families, youth and communities through positive role modeling, educational opportunities, competition, culture and tradition.
Valued Client Since: 05-29-2014
I really like the website. It looks so much cleaner. - Perse Hooper
Holy moly your fast.Thanks for the page! Love the purple!!! - Kari Zubach
Dennis, You have done an outstanding job! - Donna
Indian National Finals Rodeo

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